Blue Time Capsule


Materials: copper, glass, leather, sealing wax, brass
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The set includes:

  1. Time capsule made of dark glass
  2. Capsule bracelet made of leather and metal ( copper or brass)
  3. Chrono Capsule Book
  4. Sealing wax stamp made of brass and wood
  5. Red sealing wax ( in a spoon )
  6. Brown sealing wax
  7. Sealing wax spoon made of wood and metal
  8. Steel saucepan for heating sealing wax
  9. Instructions for use
  10. Black box made of dense textured cardboard

You can draw your names, dates and all you wish on the copper/brass plate. Use a permanent marker for metal. Watch the video on how to make an inscription on a main shop page.

What gift can be more significant than the one that symbolizes the best memories of a person? What can be more personal than an item that stores the entire history of a life’s journey? Choosing what to present to a loved one, you ask precisely these questions when you are holding this gift set in your hands. Time travel already begins from the moment of unpacking the set, when you come into contact with objects that have absorbed the history of several eras. Each of these items is interconnected and allows you to re-pass the path of memories, cherished dreams and events that ultimately influenced the course of life. Each of the 8 billion living today on the planet has a unique path and each this path deserves to be preserved. Representing this, we turn our eyes to the sky, seeing a myriad of stars, each of which shines in its own way, emitting all possible shades with different intensities. Fading away, the stars leave behind a memory that in the form of light reaches us after millennia. Human lives also leave behind memories and reflections in their families. You may have already saved these memories so that someone in the future will open and read your book of life, but if not yet, this is the moment when you can do it. This kit will guide you through your life story. This adventure is for you, your family or loved ones. The time capsule will reliably save your memorabilia that you want to preserve in a meaningful place for you. The capsule waxing process will bring all family members together in one place. The brochure will help you remember important events and will tell which items to preserve. It will ultimately become a letter to the future to you or your descendants with the coordinates of the capsule buried in a place symbolic to you. You set the opening date yourself by registering the capsule and setting a reminder timer. As soon as this hour arrives, the system will automatically send a reminder to the email you specify.–


This item is made from: copper, glass, leather, sealing wax, brass.

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